Thursday, November 8, 2012

Silent- but not deadly!

Going off of a great articlerecommendation left on our previous post “Shake your Tail Feather”, I decidedto look more into all of those sounds we can’t hear- and dang are there a lot! Inthe next couple of posts I would like to tell you about ultrasound andinfrasound.

While you may be familiar with theclassic ultrasound images of babies and even baby animals, advancements withultrasound technology have been able to produce 3-D ultrasound images!

Dog ultrasound! Courtesy of Anchor Animal Hospital

Well that say it all! Image courtesy of University of California San Francisco

Ultrasound is also being used to treat conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and scar tissue pain. Current treatment prostate cancer is currently using ultrasound to destroy cancerous tissues! The process refered to as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or  HIFU for short, involves ultrasound waves being focused on the damaged/cancerous tissues thus increasing the temperature at a very fast rate and destroying the cancer
"In order to understand the basic concept of how HIFU works an analogy can be drawn between HIFU burning prostate tissue and sun rays entering a magnifying glass to burn a leaf. When a magnifying glass is held above a leaf in the correct position on a sunny day the sun's rays intersect below the lens and cause the leaf to burn at the point of intersection. "~International HIFU

Image courtesy of International HIFU

 So forget barbequing ants in your backyard! How about we tackle cancer instead?

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