Saturday, September 29, 2012

Talking Monkeys!

Yellow Hat Curious George

Talking about monkeys I go straight to curious george, a family favorite. He is always up to some kind of mischeif and and is super curious about the world. No matter what the monkey, most people can agree that the little curious ones are hard to resist if not super cute(see below).

Baby Monkey so Cute?

Well even though its cute, monkeys can be quite the handful. Did you ever notice how in the TV show that Yellow Hat Man is always talking to George as if they both understand each other? Well in 2001 there was a study conducted trying to decipher how monkeys heard, specifically Rhesus Monkeys. In the article here you will find a lot of sciency jargon that will either blow your mind or make you go wha?? O.o
Like it did to me the first few times. The gist of it is that this species is more attuned to listening to complex sounds rather than simple ones or tunes. Their language is becoming more complex! They probably wont be speaking english any time soon, but from the results of the experiments and the data they collected they may in the future. Just take a look at their speech/sound patterns below.

Makes you wonder what other animals may develop this complex way of thinking. Dogs maybe, who knows. We will probably have to run this sound analysis on them in the future.

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